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Terms & Conditions

Under the Automatic Remote Access (referred to as “ARA”) referral program, customers of ARA are invited to earn $20 cashback per each individual referral by inviting referees to install a brand new ARA garage door, garage door motor or gate motor. The advocate will receive a cheque within 7 business days from the claim confirmation date by ARA. This promotion is not applicable to any supply only products, purchases or garage door and gate accessories.
The following terms and conditions apply to the advocate and referees.
1. The Advocate must be a current customer of ARA.
2. The Advocate must provide the referral's full name, contact number and address in the form provided on the Araccess website.
3. The referee and advocate acknowledges that ARA may at its sole discretion, share their full name, contact number and address with the advocate or referee to inform the advocate about the status of the earned referral cashback.
4. The referee must install a brand new ARA garage door, motor or gate motor.
5. The advocate must redeem the cashback offer within 12 weeks after the completion of the job by ARA for the referee. Failure to do so will result in the cashback offer to automatically expire.
6. The referral cashback cannot be transferred.
7.The advocate may earn the advocate’s referral cashback up to $2000 (by referring a maximum of 100 referees in total).