Garage Door Remotes & Accessories

ARA is one of the leaders in providing garage door and gate accessories including gate and garage door remote controls, wireless keypads and many more. Our prices are competitive and we offer best quality to our customers.
Two personal remote controllers are supplied with every gate and garage door opener provided by us. They come in a choice of 2 different styles.

Additional wall mounted remote controls are also available.
All our remotes have revolving digital codes with over 1 billion combination possibilities for your peace of mind. Choose from the provided list of garage door accessories below.

Wireless Handheld Remote

Araccess offers replacement remote controls for any garage door opener as long as it has the capability to house a frequency receiver.

You get two personal garage door remote controllers with every unit sold. They come in a choice of 2 different styles which is stainless steel finish and red. You can purchase additional remotes with the price below.

Wireless Keypad Entry

Secure your premises and never worry about losing keys again. This digital entry keypad means the end of keys and allows secure entry to your premises or garage.

ARA Frequency Receiver

The ARA Receiver can be wired to most available Garage door motors as well as most driveway Gate motors that operate under 12V or 24V. it is simple to install and has a large receiving range of up to 35m from the remote control and also is capable of storing up to 35 remote control transmitters.