Terms of Engagement & Warranty Conditions

Automatic Remote Access Pty/ Ltd (ARA) supply and install garage doors under the terms and conditions listed below:

1. Once employing the supplier to undertake work on the clients behalf, a 50% deposit is required to get works started.

2. The balance of the job is due a maximum of 24 hours prior to installation, usually at the appointing of time for works to be completed, unless other arrangements are made (in writing) by an authorized member of management from the supplier.

3. Further to any agreement with the customer, all jobs carried out by ARA must be paid in full after the job has been completed. Failure to do so, ARA reserves the right to recoup the balance through third parties such as collection agencies.

4. If and when an involvement of a collection agency on behalf of ARA starts, additional costs and fees will apply at the expenses of the customer. This will also includes interests of 12.5% on the amount owing calculated daily.

5. All items supplied to the client shall remain the property of the supplier until payment is made in full.

6. The supplier reserves the right to process balance of payment via customer credit card prior to installation.

7. If an existing door is removed by the supplier, the supplier takes no responsibility for damage to the clients property where such damage was necessary for the removal of the door.

8. It is the clients responsibility to have garage clear of any obstructions (i.e cars, bikes, boxes etc.)
for installation of door. Failure to do so will result in a $132 rebooking fee/ or if client wants to clear garage while fitter waits an $77.00 per hour charge will apply.

9. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the motor vehicle shall fit in the garage with the door and motor fitted. Particular attention should be paid to the height of the vehicle and the lowest level of the door in the open position.

10. PowerPoint or any electrical works to be completed by client.

11. The supplier takes no responsibility for gaps between the garage floor and the door aside from when a taper is supplied to the door, where the level of the garage floor is uneven or sloping.

12. The client understands and accepts that the actual door Colour may vary slightly from painted/ printed charts, or samples and an exact match with an existing door cannot be guaranteed, and that paint rubbing may occur in-between finger proof panel joints.

13. Price subject to final site measure.

14. The supplier reserves the right to use touch-up paint on the front or rear of all doors, where adequately reasonable.

15. All doors carry a manufacturer warranty of one (1) year and Seven (7) years on the colorbond material. All ARA Motors used carry a Seven
(7) years manufacturer warranty.

16. Acceptance of the quote recognized in the form of a deposit being paid for work to proceed, is used as a guide to ensure that the owner has done all necessary checks with the relevant parties to ensure digging 600-700mm underground is not going to effect nor will it come into any interference with services such as Gas, water, electrical etc – for any jobs (including laneway/ fenceline door installations) that require concreting steel posts underground to form the foundation of the opening, before a garage door is installed. Any damage caused in the process of completing works is to be held solely at the owners liability.

17. Upon delivery and notification to the customer for scheduling of installation(s), a garage door holding fee will be put forward to the customer should the doors remain in the possession of the supplier for in excess of 3 weeks, from the day of notification to the customer. A flat fee of $20.00 will be put forward per door, per week for every week commencing 3 weeks from the notification date to the customer, unless documented arrangements have been made by a member of ARA’s management.

18. All quotes are valid for 21 days.

19. Prices put forward are subject to change at anytime, based on third party fabricators/ manufacturers with the supplier obligated to provide notice to the customer without any liability to commitment being held (by the customer), should the price variation be rejected.

20. All supply only garage doors are provided at a discounted rate, taking into account any possible defects (color deterioration or dents) and will be rectified at point of hand over as best as possible by supplier.

Automatic Remote Access Pty/ Ltd (ARA) Products carry a (7) year National Warranty under the terms and conditions listed below:


First step to submitting a warranty claim is;
a) produce a copy of the receipt of purchase, in addition to the warranty terms and certificate provided below as well as any proof of purchase speculating the maintenance (for both the door and ARA unit) – only provided the unit is between its 36 – 84th month of the ARA Warranty term; and
b) where the Product has been sold by ARA, make all warranty claims directed to ARA by sending it to the ARA head office with the relevant address provided below; and
c) where the Product has been sold by an approved dealer, make all warranty claims through the dealer directly with the appropriate warranty claim card filled in. If you are unsure of the correct address of the approved dealer from which you purchased the product, you can send your claim to ARA with the rest of the above details completed, including the original invoice number, and we will forward it to the dealer. You are responsible for the expense of making a claim under this warranty.


a) This warranty is in addition to any statutory, non-excludable guarantees or warranty rights under Australian laws (as applicable). This warranty applies only to Products sold by ARA or its approved dealer. ”ARA” means – Automatic Remote Access Pty Ltd of 14 Mason Drive, BRAESIDE VIC 3195, and
b)dealer” means an approved reseller/ distributor of ARA products purchasing from a previously arranged term based account, from ARA, for the purpose of supplying those products to end users.
c)end users” refers to any customer that has particular use of the product, in its right application.


ARA warrants, subject to point outlined no.4, that it will, at its discretion, either repair or replace (in a manner ARA considers reasonable eg. touch up of surface coatings) any proven defects; in installation for a period of 24 months from the date of installation where the Product has been installed by ARA – this warranty does not extend to installation by dealers; and
a) all garage doors in normal residential use are covered by a 60 month warranty on all surface coatings; and
b) ARA warrants to the end user of the ARA product all parts of the Unit, other than remote controlled transmitters, externally attached accessories, globes and batteries. The components that make up the unit must be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 84 months or 20,000 cycles (each opening or closing operation of the garage door equals 1 cycle) whichever comes first, from the date of purchase when installed by an approved ARA dealer in a residential premise with a standard residential cycle specified garage door that is designed for the sole purpose of a single-family dwelling; and
c) ARA warrants that remote controlled transmitters and accessories included with the Unit are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase; and
d) External Gate Openers carry (1) year manufactures warranty excluding any external power supply warranty, all external power supply must be installed by a licences electrician and must include a protection system such as Trip Switch or Power Protection Unit.


a) Batteries and globes are not covered under the ARA
b) travel costs incurred by ARA or the dealer in either  travelling to or from areas outside a capital city metropolitan area. These costs will be at the end users expense. Additional access costs incurred by a dealer or ARA in obtaining access where the Unit is not readily accessible. These cost will be at the end user’s expense; and
c) It is a condition of ARA’s Warranty that the Unit in possession of the end user, must be installed and serviced by a authorized dealer of ARA. A product branded under ARA that has been purchased over the internet and installed by a person other than an authorized dealer will not be covered by this Warranty.


It is also a condition of the ARA Warranty Term that for the  operating life of the Unit:
a) the garage doors spring is balanced and is operable by  hand. It must open and close with no more than a maximum of 20  kg of lifting weight; and
b) the garage door and the ARA Unit is professionally  maintained by a dealer, at a minimum, during the third and seventh years of the ARA Warranty – with proof of garage door and ARA unit maintenance provided in the warranty claim submission; and
c) the balanced spring is tensioned and operating in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications. If your door binds, sticks, or is out of balance, then it must not be used until serviced by a trained door technician or dealer. The garage door service fee will be at the end users expense; and
d) the warranty submission process is followed as per  point outlined no.1 (making a claim) sub-points a-c.
e) If you are concerned that the Unit may be defective, make contact with the dealer that sold/installed the ARA Unit, or the ARA service centre and an ARA technician will diagnose the problem and arrange for this to be rectified. Once the problem has been diagnosed, subject to your rights under the applicable Australian consumer protection laws with respect to major failures, ARA or a authorized dealer will provide you with either, repairs to the Unit or a replacement Unit. Repairs and replacement parts provided under this ARA Warranty term are provided free of charge and are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty period.


a) Installation – faulty installation of the product where such installation is not carried out by ARA or approved dealers.
b) Service – lack of proper maintenance, service or care of the
ARA Unit or conjuctional door inline with Point outlined No.5 (warranty
c) Instructions – failure to observe any instructions or directions
in the Instruction Manual, provided with the Product or given to the end
user/ purchaser by ARA or an approved dealer;
d) Unreasonable Use – the Product is not being used correctly in
accordance with the Instruction Manual or other unreasonable use;
f) Unauthorized Acts – modifications, or repairs made or
attempted to be made by you or any unauthorized person;
g) Other devices – the ARA unit being fitted with any third party
compatible devices or add-ons outside of ARA’s product range
h) Outside Control – events or acts beyond the reasonable control
of ARA.
i) Water Damage – including effects from rust and corrosion; or
j) Corrosive Environments – salt corrosion or damage to the
surface coatings or base materials due to environmental conditions (such
as proximity to the sea-front or similar corrosive conditions).