Standard Garage Door Sizes & Types

At Automatic Remote Access, we supply and install several different garage door sizes and types Melbourne wide. We specialize in many garage door types and sizes including roller doors which are factory-made to suit your specifications as well as sectional doors that are available in a variety of sizes.

Each type of individual door you choose has specific aspect on how you measure it up so that the door can be fitted. Below you can find a guide for panel/sectional garage doors sizes and roller garage door sizes and measurements. Most garages have decent space to permit fitting of the garage door on the inside of the garage. This can be seen as the most preferred options as it allows maximum drive for the motor. When measuring the opening for your garage door is it critical to evaluate and measure the amount of side room and headroom which you have. Headroom refers to the amount of room between the opening of the roof to the top of the ceiling. The Sideroom can be explained by the room between the opening and the wall. For the headroom some house may have an arched optioning. This is important to measure from the top of the arch as well as the smallest measurement when the door is sloped. Single garage door width will require less side room than a double garage door width opening. The wider the door means the heavier the door may be so additional support is required. These factors can help determine the size of the garage door which can be ordered to meet your specifications.

Standard Single & Double Sectional Door Sizes

Sectional garage door can also be known as panel lift doors. These can be described as horizontal panels which are hinged and extrude back up over the tracks and then against the ceiling when the door is opened. Panel doors can be viewed as one of the most appealing doors and have a variety of styles and colours to choose from. These garage door types have various garage door sizes. Each opening is specific to each home whether it being a single garage opening to a double garage door.

Single sectional / panel lift door sizes are varied from 2010mm(h) x 2415mm(w) to 3415mm(h) x 3500mm(w).

Double sectional / panel lift door sizes are varied from 2010mm(h) x 3505mm(w) to 3415mm(h) x 6700mm(w).

Standard Single Sectional Garage Door Sizes
Standard Double Sectional Garage Door Sizes

This differentiating standard garage door widths and heights can help determine the sizes standard sectional / panel lift door which needs to be ordered. Specifically there is a certain way which a garage door can be fitted. This is dependent on the space you have available. This option can fit in the inside of the opening or between the gap provided.

It is important to keep in mind that sectional doors extend back into the garage and the motor is strung at the top of the ceiling. To make this possible the minimum headroom required is 400mm.

Standard Single & Double Roller Door Sizes

Generally for a roller door, the tracks and the support brackets for the curtain roll inside the garage for maximum use of space and in many cases because the average curtain roll size for a roller door is between 300mm and 450mm it needs to go behind the lintel to maintain a sensible drive through height when open.

Single roller door sizes are varied from 1200mm(h) x 750mm(w) to 3100mm(h) x 3430mm(w).

Double roller door sizes are varied from 2200mm(h) x 3435mm(w) to 3100mm(h) x 5500mm(w).

Standard Single Roller Garage Door Sizes

The side room is required to mount the L-shaped supporting brackets as well as the roller curtain guides. In addition, it is highly recommended to include between 80mm to 110mm of additional space for motor installation (this is only required for the driving motor unit side).