Garage Door Openers

Automatic Remote Access is a prime supplier and manufacturer of garage door openers for residential applications in Melbourne. By having our garage door motors both designed and tested in Australia, we are confident to provide a seven year warranty on our units. Our overall aim is to supply and install high quality products at affordable rates.

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Garage Door Opener Prices & Types

Two different types of garage door openers are available within Australia market which are roller door openers and sectional/ tilt door openers. As all standard garage door openers tend to have a similar design you need to look beyond the aesthetics of the opener.

Generally roller door openers are cheaper because they are compact. Sectional door openers are two part with additional to the motor. A chain rail is required to connect the opener to the door to open/close the garage door. We have provided a rough estimate to assist you with garage door opener prices:

The average cost to have a garage door opener installed is between $745 to $1350.

The factors that can effect the pricing are the years of warranty, power output, noise levels and grade of security.

Generally speaking, most openers use electric motors that measure there pulling force in Newton Metres (N). The average across the industry is somewhere between 500N to 800N. If a motor has a larger pulling force, it will be able to operate a larger size range of doors. Our openers are rated at 800N which can operate smaller single sizes to doors over five meters wide.

To provide you with some further background information we have included common types of openers. You can find below important things to check for when choosing the perfect opener for your garage door.

Roller Door Opener Specifications & Buying Guide

There are plenty of safety and security features to look out for when purchasing a new opener. An important attribute can include a safety closing mechanism. This feature ensures that the door and motor will stop or reverse from the closing cycle when an obstruction is in the way of the door closing. We at Automatic Remote Access supply this feature as a safety standard across all operators.

While you may view that a quieter motor is not worth the expense, if bedrooms in your home are nearby the garage you will certainly appreciate a quiet operating unit whilst you are sleeping.

Aside from all of the above, the roller door motors warranty is the most important factor. Many companies in the industry will provide a warranty term of 3 to 5 years and they will all vary in what they cover under this warranty. It is common for the electrical components to not be covered and this is the main part which you should want to be included.

Roller garage door motor

We highly recommend to check with the garage door company to find out what is beneath their warranty and whether the motors electric components, parts and labour are all inclusive in this package as it is quite rare. A 7 year warranty is always provided by us when installing our garage door openers. This warranty term includes all electrical components, parts and labour.

To have a roller door opener installed, your expected price will be from $745 to $1250.

If you require a roller garage door motor which needs to be exposed to weather conditions, the cost will be on the higher side of this price range. Our RDO-V5 Elite Drive Opener is powerful and starts from only $745.00 supplied and installed. You can rely our units which exceed the industry standard.

Sectional Door Opener Specifications & Buying Guide

There are several different types of mechanisms to operate the sectional door and motor. The two most common types include chain drives or belt drives. Across the industry chain drives are the most common and that is because they are usually the most inexpensive. These particular sectional garage door openers utilize a metal chain (similar to that of a bicycle chain) to operate the garage door.

Belt drive openers utilise a flexible rubber belt drive to move the door. The belt is a strong, quiet operating unit but the price is a lot more expensive for this item.

These two styles both have their pros and cons but each mechanism does not affect or hinder the operation of the panel lift door. To keep the cost as low as possible for our customers, our sectional door openers operate with a chain drive. Our motors come with a metal U Channel which helps conceal our chain to ensure longevity.

Panel lift garage door motor

You should expect to pay anywhere from $845 to $1350 for a sectional door opener supplied and installed.

Sometimes, you find that the quality and warranty terms may be the exact same whilst you are paying a lot more for a unit. Always check with your retailer on what brand the unit is and why the price may be more expensive yet quite similar to another opener in the market.

We at Automatic Remote Access supply and install our unit from $845. Mark2-V2 Elite Drive Opener is the unit that we manufacture. We also provide one of the longest warranty terms of 7 years.

Always ensure that the remote control technology utilizing rolling codes.  This new feature utilizes a non-repeating access codes from billions of possibilities every time you use you remote control. It is a piece of mind knowing that only your remote control can open and close your panel lift door.

Tilt Door Opener Specifications & Buying Guide

First and foremost, there are two styles of tilt garage doors in the industry. You will need to ensure that you are purchasing the right style of the motor for your garage door.

The most common tilt door is a spring-loaded mechanism which is usually easy to automate.

The second style is the counter-weight tilt door. These doors are suitable for heavy cladding. Special operating systems are required to automate this type of door which can be quite expensive.

Door openers are often your very first line of defense when securing your garage door. It is important to consider what specific security features are important to you. You like additional lighting inside your garage space. You also require additional remote control access for several family members. Whatever may your needs, our garage tilt door opener specifications and accessories are sure to meet your expectations.

Tilt garage door motor

As a consumer, you should expect to pay somewhere between $845 to $1350 for a tilt door opener installation.

The price may vary depending on the mechanism of your tilt door. It also depends on the modifications required to install the motor. We at Araccess supply and install a tilt garage door opener from only $845 with 7 year warranty.

You can purchase additional garage door accessories with your tilt door opener such as a wireless keypad. This can allow you to have key-less entry available to your home whilst provided high security.