Tilt Garage Doors

Araccess is a proud supplier and installer of custom tilt garage doors in Melbourne with the most competitive prices.

Tilt garage doors consist of one single flat panel. This type of door gives the building a truly tailored and unique appearance. Our tilt-up doors offer great safety, security and convenience in a large selection of colours within any budget.

Operating as one panel, the door swings outwards and upwards as the name suggests to fully open. Modern tilt doors have become respected in the industry providing a sleek, stylish and attractive look.

Tilt garage doors are the most common doors in a residential environment. Tilt Doors are fast opening and easy to operate. This type of door suits most single and double width garage openings.

How Much Does a Tilt Door Cost?

The price of a tilt door depends on many factors such as the opening width and height, colour selection, hardware and whether the door locates behind the head panel or flash finish. Here we have provided a rough estimate of tilt door prices:

The price of supply and installation of a single tilt garage door is anywhere between $1700 to $2250.

The double tilt garage door can cost anywhere between $2200 to $2750 supplied and installed.

Please consider the prices above as a very broad range. To determine the exact prices, please send us a request for free measure and quote.

Benefits of Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt doors can cater for limited space without compromising on style as they are very easy operable doors which make them the perfect solution for a high-end home or if your garage space cannot accommodate a roller door or sectional garage door.

Tilt garage doors are fully customisable which can be cladded to a variety of layouts, forms and materials to cater for any specific budget or requirements and can be automatically operated. Usually consisting of a galvanized steel frame which is more than common for finishes such as Colorbond, cedar and plywood. Furthermore, Colorbond Tilt-A-Doors have the option to be vertically or horizontally cladded.

The tilt door can provide the widest range of exterior design, allowing it possible for both access doors and window inserts. They can cater for incorporated a tapered bottom rail so the door can fit precisely, thus, creating a perfect finish. All tilt doors are popular for their durability, reliability and longevity.

For high end commercial properties such as body corporate structures and underground apartment car parks, this type of door can deliver great practicality and can be provided in a large array of designs to compliment the exterior façade.

If you live in Melbourne and would like to install a tilt door for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

Different Styles of Tilt A Doors

There are three main styles of tilt doors and with each style has separate features:

J Model Tilt Door

The J Model Tilt door is the appropriate hardware setup based around light weight (in most cases single size doors – under 3430mm wide). J model doors most often are cladded with Colorbond sheeting being a lightweight material. Additionally, the J Model fitting tilt door does not require to be fixed to any ceilings and is secured by steel posts. This particular type of fitting cab be the most cost effective option. J Model doors can be useful as they only require less than 100mm of headroom.

J Model Tilt Door Diagram

Track Model Tilt Door (The “T” Model)

The Track tilt operates by using a tracking system located at the top of the door which runs into the depth of the garage. The door retracts to sit almost fully within the garage or opening space. Track-Type Hardware requires under 125mm headroom space. We recommend it for larger double garage doors. This door allows for heavier cladding options such as timbers and aluminium composite panels.

T Model Tilt Garage Door Diagram

Counterweight Tilt Garage Door

The counterweight system is the oldest operating style and allows. This door opens and closes due to a counterweight. The attached weights to either side of the opening (which can look like barrels) helps to keep the door balanced. Counterweight doors are ideal when the door fits with heavy cladding. Without the requirements of springs, guides and additional moving parts, this type of door gives you the freedom of your imagination.