Garage Door Spare Parts

It is important to service your garage door to minimize the worry of having to replace or repair any spare parts including springs, tilt door hardware, panel door cable and rubber and brush seals.

ARAccess knows that every house owner relies on their garage door. We will not make you wait for the parts to be replaced as always strive to provide a fast, reliable and affordable service.

It is easy to focus on the aesthetics of the garage door and sometimes forget about all those working mechanisms behind the door making it move. Garage door maintenance should be a regular practice which can help avoiding further repairs in the future. Sometimes garage doors can seem as though they are a simple mechanism but don’t be fooled as it can be quite complex. Specifically, garage door parts such as springs and hinges can be a hazardous item if they are not handeld properly. Although smaller materials such as garage door hinges and brackets are sometimes forgotten about, it is vital that these are continually assessed by a qualified technician to minimize any risk of damage to the door.

Most of the repairs on garage doors and spare part replacements that garage door companies do on a daily basis require specific tools and equipment. In a household it is common to use existing tools that may be in the garage or shed which may not be a suitable product to work on the garage door, which can result in unsafe work conditions.

Garage Door Parts Diagram

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are products which are found on most types of garage doors. Garage springs allow for the door to open and close without putting too much stress on your garage door and its operator. The roller door hardware is usually hidden inside the drum of the door, but for other style doors, they are usually visible. With two common types of springs, either a torsion garage door spring or an extension type garage door spring both provide the same amount of importance to your garage door.

Broken garage door spring
Broken Garage Door Spring

Whether it be tilt or panel door springs, when the tension of the garage door spring is low or snaps the door can become almost impossible to use. Garage door replacement springs are a common practice in the garage door industry. Replacing these items yourself can be a dangerous procedure unless the person has a proper understanding of the garage springs and garage door parts to allow for a safe repair.

Sectional & Panel Garage Door Spring
Panel Door Spring
Tilt garage door spring
Tilt Door Spring

Tilt Door Hardware

The older style tilt garage doors are one of the heaviest and most complicated doors in the market. The tilt doors hardware is created so that the door uses pivoting arms to open the single piece door. As the pivoting arms are shifting the door it is moved up into the ceiling space while sometimes slightly extruding out of the garage structure. As this is a complicated process it is significantly important that the tilt door springs, hinges and other parts are serviced annually. As all ARA technicians are provided with extensive training on all products, parts and each of their technicalities it is easy for our staff to assess the problem and rectify the issue.

Panel Door Cables

The most common panel/sectional door parts which are replaced is the cables and springs. When a sectional door is put under immense pressure and is continued to be used without monitored care it can cause the cables to snap. As the cables are a crucial part of the doors functions, it is important that the broken cables on your garage door are replaced as soon as possible. The cable hardware is responsible for carrying, lifting and aligning your garage door to stay within its tracks.

Sometimes when you find that the garage has become jammed, it can cause the door to be unbalanced and slope to one side. In certain cases, the imbalance of the door creates a domino effect where the panel door cables to unwind from its drum. When this issue occurs, sometimes the cables must be re-installed but in other cases they will need to be replaced.

As a part of a garage doors life, the cables and garage door springs will eventually break and it’s for one simple reason, wear and tear. As we all know things wear over time and from the constant opening and closing movements, rust, pressure and friction the cables can eventually weaken and snap. It is important to ensure that your garage door cable replacement is conducted immediately through a qualified garage door technician.

To put all the information that we have provided into perspective, if you operate your garage door on an average of 3 times day, this means that the door is operating more than 1000 times every single year. This can be a lot of movement and vibrations which can cause the garage door hardware to both loosen and weaken. We recommend to have your garage door service conducted every 12 months by a professional. This can ensure the garage door operates as long as it should, for a long time ahead.