Roller Garage Doors

Premium Grade & Cost Effective Roller Garage Doors Melbourne

Roller doors are generally the best-selling and most common type of garage door found across Melbourne. We at Araccess supply and install a wide range of tough, smooth and quiet operating roller garage doors to ensure the highest safety and security for your home. You can rely on your door for many years ahead with our top quality and unique design doors.
Our garage roller doors are both designed and manufactured in Australia which suit most openings for garages and carports. Produced from BlueScope Steel and Zincalume, these residential garage doors can provide great style, comfort and character to your home.

How much does a garage roller door cost?

When choosing your perfect roller door, there are a few factors which can affect the price of the door. These particular factors can include the design and sizing, accessories and surrounding environment. Below we have provided an idea of roller door prices:

The price of supply and installation of a single roller garage door can be anywhere between $600 to $1350.

Double roller doors supplied and installed can cost anywhere between $1350 to $1850.

The prices provided are only an indication for domestic size doors in standard Colorbond range. To determine final prices, Araccess representative must conduct a site measure. Other factors such as posts, removal and disposal of the existing door and any other custom modifications can cost additional.

What is a roller door?

A roller door is a type of garage door that is commonly found on garages and sheds. It operates by moving through a set of tracks which guide the door. The corrugated design allows for the door to flex. As door moves vertically in the garage opening, it rolls up around the door’s drum. This can look quite similar to a roll of carpet, or a tight bundle.
The roll up garage door is available in a wide range of Colourbond colours and Zincalume. It is also available with a manual lock or an automatic operator.

Roller Garage Door Diagram & Specifications

What does a roller door consist of?

Roll up garage doors consist of a corrugated curtain roll which steel tracks (curtain guides) support them. The curtain roll is applied with a nylon-fibre strip on both sides of the curtain which moves through the tracks. Hence, this nylon webbing eliminates metal-to-metal contact.
The door comes with a reinforced aluminum bottom rail seal which strengthens the bottom component of the garage door. The bottom rail also helps eliminate intruders, dust and weather conditions.
A supporting bracket, fixed to the wall, holds the door on each side of the opening. There is also a counter-balanced spring system on the inside of the door. This system usually rates for over 20,000 cycles meaning that the door will operate for a very long time with no fuss. Furthermore, the coil springs inside the roller door can ensure a perfect balance and operation every time.
All residential roller doors have the option to come with a center manual lock. This lock is ideal when you do not require a motor as the door may only be in place for storage. The manual lock allows you to operate the door by hand.

3 x A series manor red roller garage doors
A series monument free standing rolling garage door
A series surfmist roller garage doors

Why choose roller garage doors?

Roll up garage doors can be beneficial as they do not mount to ceilings or require any overhead tracks, taking up very little space. This means that you can utilise your garage ceiling without having any worries and the roller door allows you to drive right up to the door before opening. These type of doors are extremely cost effective and the installation is quick with very minimal disruptions to both you and your home. The rolling doors have no wheels or hinges, and have very few moving parts making this style of door low maintenance.
Araccess’s roller doors suit your specific opening dimensions and fit your requirements as opposed to making your settle for standard door sizes.