Wooden Garage Doors

We provide the highest quality custom made wooden garage doors in Melbourne.

This type of garage door is one of the unique traditional styles that comes with attractiveness and aesthetic. They can be designed and built in both classic and modern style. We at automatic remote access offer wooden garage doors that have a unique look rather than other counterparts.

Advantages of Wooden Garage Doors

This traditional style of garage door has some advantages that differentiate it from other its counterparts. Here we share some of them with you.

As an important one, we can point to being a custom-built garage door. You can order your garage door in all sizes and shapes that you want. A wooden garage door can be built according to a homeowner’s exact specifications. Wood’s versatility is the other advantage of wooden garage doors.

The biggest magnetism of the wooden garage door is a traditional style that it comes with attractiveness and aesthetic. The wooden garage door can be designed in classic and modern style.

Any kinds of garage doors have some way of treatment. Wooden garage doors have a natural treatment for increasing the lifespan. By some certain oil, you can have a shiny and fresh garage door that protects them from warping and rotting.

The wooden garage doors are easy to repair. The other garage doors may have a serious problem and get a long time or extra money for repairs. But you can repair the wooden garage doors easily.

The wooden garage doors operate both manually and automatically and they are the natural sound barrier. This kind of garage door is the best choice for the polluted area. If you live in a busy street, the soundproof garage door can help you to have a quiet home.

The wooden garage doors are great insulators. They keep the garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is suitable for places with extreme weather changes. They are durable, too. When the wooden garage doors get old, they became more attractive and aesthetic.

How much does the Wooden Garage Door Cost?

The prices of wooden garage doors depend on shape, material, color, and size that you want to order for your garage door.

If you request other custom modification, it may cost additional.

The price of installation can be different. If you want to remove the current door or get it ready for a new wooden garage door in different sizes, it may cost additional.

If you like to install a wooden garage door in Melbourne or to know more about the wooden garage door prices, contact us for a free quote.

Our professionals in Melbourne can give you a quote for every kind of wooden garage door you like. We at automatic remote access offer a variety of designs and colors to suit your home’s facade.