Alucobond Garage Door

We at ARAccess, provide a broad and attractive range of custom made Alucobond panel garage doors in Melbourne.

If you are looking for a smooth, durable and modern look in the process of providing your home with a facelift, Alucobond garage door or aluminium composite garage door is the perfect solution. We at Araccess supply and install Alucobond garage doors for commercial and residential applications.

supplier of Alucobond garage doors in Melbourne

What is the Alucobond garage door?

Alucobond is one of the main suppliers of aluminium composite panel sheets, a prefinished material, traditionally in a smooth finish that spans up to 4000mm Wide. A very durable product that comes in 3mm and 4mm thicknesses, suitable for modern custom garage doors. The product commonly consists of two materials, combined to make one product, being thin aluminum cover sheets and a core material that usually made of polyethylene. Each layer of aluminum located on each side of the core. The core layer can be a fire-retardant and non-combustible but needs to be specified.

The core layer makes the material flexible. It is also the reason why it works so well with garage doors. The two perfect characteristics of this material are described as a smooth finish product, that is pre-finished in a broad range of colors, in flat, metallic and satin finishes. When comparing standard color bond garage doors with aluminum composite panel doors, there is really no comparison. Most colorbond doors are made from 0.40 - 0.50mm thick steel (as it sits from BlueScope steel, in a pre-finished product), where the aluminum composite panel product is 3-4mm in thickness (7.5-10 times the thickness). The composite panel sheets then need to sit on a designated frame – again only adding to the durability and quality of the finished result, making it a premium, high-quality product in the garage door range. As a result, there is really no comparison between traditional garage doors and Alucobond garage doors.

Alucobond garage doors specifications

Advantages of Alucobond Garage Door

Alucobond garage doors (or aluminium composite garage doors specifically) are durable due to its thickness and density. The material creates a form of vibration absorption, is smooth in its finish, and can be molded based on the combination of materials that ultimately make up the product.
Alucobond garage doors have a large variety of colors, and finishes ranging from metallic, glow in the dark (after additional processes are undertaken), flat/ matte, satin and gloss finishes.
The big advantage of this type of door is the contemporary finish the material provides to the façade of the home.
If damaged, the individual sheet can be replaced without needing to replace the surrounding sheets, and can also be cut and designed into unique shapes to suit architectural specifications.

Our garage door experts at Automatic Remote Access can design and fabricate an Alucobond garage door (or aluminium composite panel garage door) to meet your requirements.

Our professionals at ARAccess offers you a list of colors and materials to choose from.

Our Custom Alucobond Garage Doors

Finding a garage door company with experienced technicians and fabricators are two important factors when shopping around for custom Alucobond garage doors. At Automatic Remote Access, we will provide you unparalleled service and premium quality garage doors.
Our experience allows us to fabricate Alucobond garage doors up to 8000mm in width. We have also installed Alucobond garage doors that span to over 4000mm in height. We can custom make doors to suit most applications and love a challenge.

The Alucobond garage doors can be seen as an investment into the façade of your home. Your garage door possibly is the biggest first impression your home can offer. Setting the standard of what is to be showcased inside your home, ultimately making custom garage doors worth investing into.
Our high-quality Alucobond garage doors are supplied and installed in Melbourne. Call us on 03 9551 4443 or request a quote for Alucobond garage doors