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Automatic Gate Openers

As well as being an Australian authority on quality garage doors, ARA is a trusted supplier and installer of automatic gate motors in Melbourne. We offer two types of gate opener configurations: sliding gates and swinging gates.
Whether it’s a swinging or a sliding gate, you get additional safety and privacy for your home or business with remote controlled front gate accessibility.

Automatic gate openers prices
2017/03/31 23:59:59

Sliding Gate Openers

cheap sliding gate opener

The single gate, mounted on a track is open and closed by sliding back and forth across your driveway. ARA has installed sliding automatic gates for Melbourne customers wanting convenience, ease of use and security for their commercial or residential property. The single gate, mounted on a track, is opened and closed by sliding back and forth across your driveway. The unit comes with an extra battery component, in case of power failure. The battery has an intelligent charging system to ensure the unit is always charged. Click here to see the features of this sliding gate opener.

Supply only price: $299

Swinging Gate Openers

cheap swing gate openers

These electric gates swing open through a 90 degree angle. They are suitable for most wide or long driveways, and for driveways with loose or uneven surfaces. All the remote controls sold by ARA have revolving digital codes with over 1 billion combination possibilities for your peace of mind. This is one of the best automatic gate openers on the market when it comes to navigating obstacles during opening or closing. This opener is equipped with a heavy-duty DC motor, allowing it to open two-door gates weighing up to 300kg. Click here to see the features of this swing gate opener.

Supply only price: $650

From Our Store

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