Roller Driven Gate Opener


This type of gate is suitable for driveways with relatively smooth surfaces. You get additional safety and privacy to your home or business with remote controlled front gate accessibility.

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Whether it’s a swinging or sliding gate our Roller Driven Gate Opener, are designed and manufactured exclusively for us under our strict guidelines and quality assurance standards.

Features include: Single or Double opening function, Super Strong DC Motor, Lower power standby feature, Ultra fast closing and opening time and standard safety features.

Standard safety features include: Obstruction function and Emergency Manual operation.

All the remote controls sold by ARA have revolving digital codes with over 1 billion combination possibilities for your peace of mind.

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Roller Driven Gate Opener

Ideal for all Roller Driven Gates

Design with Super strong and durable 24 Volt DC Motor to move the most heaviest gates with the low power operating function and its ultra- low power sleep mode.


Strong DC Motor

Super strong and durable 24 Volt DC Motor. This motor is design to move the most heaviest of gates and designed to last a life time.

Ultra Fast Action

Unlike other gate openers. This Roller Driven gate opener, can open and close your gate door in half the speed of traditional gate openers. Never worry about delaying traffic on a busy street while you are waiting for your garage door to open here. The unit will open the garage door and allow you to enter ultra fast. This is possible because of the Roller Driven Gate Powerful motor.

Ultra Quiet Operation

Uses less power then traditional gate openers thus saving y ou electricity. It does this with the low power operating function and its ultra- low power sleep mode.

Single or Double opening function

The user is able to decide to have the unit to open one gate door or both gate doors at the same time. This allows for a more customize use for the users needs. It also prevents unnecessary power being used which can save electricity and wear and tear on the less used motor.

Extra Safety Features

Obstruction Protection Function

When the door is disrupted by an object along its path. Its obstruction sensors will stop the unit, to prevent to damage to objects along its path. This could be a car, a child or any other valuable personal object.

Emergency Manual Operation

In case of power failure or door extractor failure and the unit does not work. The unit has a manual lever in which can be used to open or close the gate manually during times of power failure or unit dysfunction.

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  • Driving method: screw driven piston type
  • Operating voltage: DC24V for normal speed, DC12V for cushioning speed
  • Max output power: 80W per driver
  • Max piston stroke: 30cm
  • Max piston speed: 3 cm/sec
  • Operating cycle: 10 second per 90 (approx)
  • Max single-leaf weight: 300kg per wing
  • Max single-leaf length: 2.1m (7feet)
  • DSPS device: electronic timing tracker
  • Gearbox: planetary gear
  • Safety clutch: Electronic current sensing
  • Backup battery: 12V/ (5.2 or 7.0 AH)
  • Safety barrier: infrared sensor (optional)
  • Main supply: AC110V/ 220V, 60Hz/ 50Hz
  • Electronic controller: Microcomputer-based
  • Remote controller: UHF Digital PWM type
  • Temperature: -20 to +80C
  • Protection Class: IP54